CQMA, and our members and member-groups, promote multiculturalism and community harmony within the Central Queensland region. The aim is that everyone has equitable access to fully participate in all aspects of a cohesive and harmonious community. This is achieved through a combination of advocacy and representation, social and educational opportunities, consultation and research, and program development, management and delivery.

Our members works in association with us to provide the following:

  • Social and cultural activities: working with individuals and communities in Central Queensland to promote multiculturalism, community harmony and anti-discrimination through facilitating social and formal activities and programs within the community.
  • Linkages: developing and maintaining linkages and partnerships between community organizations that provide support and programs for diverse communities to enhance the development of harmonious community relations.
  • Cultural safety: promote the integration of migrants into Australian society without loss of cultural identity.
  • Advocacy: advocate on behalf of migrants and refugees and identify and address gaps in services to assist people of diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Service provision: identify and recognize the needs of people from all cultural and religious backgrounds and provide appropriate activities, services and programs in Central Queensland.
  • Education and operations: manage programs, acquire, hold and manage funds and fixed assets (including property, machinery, equipment and furnishings) associated with the operation of multi-cultural activities in the Central Queensland region.


All personal information will remain private & confidential

  • Associate members
    • Singles: $10.00
    • Family: $20.00 [2x adults and immediate family children under 14 years]
  • Community Group (not incorporated)
    • Advised on application to CQMA Management.
  • Incorporated Association
    • Advised on application to CQMA Management
  • Registered Business
    • Advised on application to CQMA Management

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