CQMA is an independent, not-for-profit, organisation that embraces cultural diversity. Our volunteers and staff respect the social and cultural benefits that arise from cultural diversity, and value the innovative, creative and economic development opportunities it fosters for our community.

We provide community programs and courses for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Our services also include activities and events that celebrate cultural diversity and promote community harmony.

Mission Statement

Leading and managing in a world of cultural connectivity; creating culturally safe spaces to live, work and play in harmony.




Multiculturalism and community harmony are enhanced for all people in the Central Queensland region; where people with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds have equitable access to participate in all aspects of a cohesive and harmonious community.  This is achieved through a combination of advocacy, representation, education, research, consultation, social activities, and program development, management and delivery.




The objectives for which the association was established are:

  • To work with members and local communities in Central Queensland to promote multiculturalism, community harmony and anti-discrimination, through the promotion of social and formal activities/programs linking members, other people and local groups.
  • To promote the integration of migrants into Australian society without loss of cultural identity.
  • To identify and recognize the needs of people from all cultural and religious backgrounds and provide appropriate activities, services and programs for these people in Central Queensland.
  • To advocate on behalf of migrant people, identify gaps in services and develop programs and activities to assist people of diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • To develop and maintain partnerships between community organizations that provide support and programs for diverse communities to enhance the development of harmonious community relations.
  • To manage programs, acquire, hold and manage funds and fixed assets (including property, machinery, equipment and furnishings) associated with the operation of multi-cultural activities in the Central Queensland region.


Management Committee members for 2017-2018

  • Executive
    • President            Dawn Hay
    • Vice President   Premila Freese
    • Secretary            Resham Bhattarai
    • Treasurer           Kerry Thomasson
    • Public Relations- to be filled at a later date.
  • Committee Members:  Joicy da Cruze; Alex Hutchinson; Ombir Joon; George Nicolau; Neha Patel; Deepak Sharma Paudel; Echo Sannu E.